Julia Del Matto

Eclectic Guests is an experimental narrative puzzle game about exploring a surreal hotel made from hand crafted paper cutouts.

Wander through the hotel while solving parallax puzzles and meeting strange guests. Eclectic Guests is an abstract game that explores the subconscious, the temporariness of living spaces, and restless thoughts.

The game was inspired by my love for collage. I wanted to make a puzzle game that created a surreal framework for players to explore my art.

Play demo here!

SWORDSWALLOWER is a psych-goth action platformer where you'll traverse and fight only by throwing a massive enchanted sword. Instead of jumping, you hurl your sword into the environment and pull yourself toward it with deadly speed. Using this weapon, you'll explore labyrinthine, dreamlike metroidvania levels and go toe-to-toe with ferocious opponents.

I worked on Swordswallower with a teammate in the NYU 2020 Incubator Program. We were funded and provided support to prepare to finish and publish the game. I primarilly worked on game design and art.

Swordswallower game has been showcased in Indiecade and PlayNYC and is the #1 highest rated Metroidvania on with over 4k downloads.

Play demo here!

I'm making a tarot deck as a complimentary piece to Eclectic Guests. It's currently in progress, but will eventually contain 78 cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The deck is composed of digital collages and images taken from magazines with lots of editing in photoshop.

The Birdsuit of Happiness is a single player action game about a goose blowing a balloon to safety. You play as a goose indirectly controlling a balloon, navigating it through different levels full of clouds on fire, fans, sharks, evil birds, and other scary foes.

Play demo here!

These are a bunch of prototypes I made in Pico 8 in 1 week each. Click games to play on

Slow Down is an alt-control motion puzzle game where the player must figure out how to press the button without an alarm going off. A motion sensor measures the distance and speed of a hand coming down towards the button, and the hand must move slower and slower as it comes closer to the button.

Mrs. Mountain Goat is an alt-control rhythm game where a party clacker is the controller. Each clack will make the goat climb up once, but falling behind or going to fast will end the game.

Dragon Simulator is a alt-control game where the player must blow into a microphone to blow fire and burn down a castle. It was made as a prototype with Arduino and Unity in Spring 2020.

Hi I'm Julia! I'm a game developer and artist living in Brooklyn. I love exploring unconventional art and technology, especially involving horror and surreal narratives. I studied Game Design at NYU, and now work as a freelance game developer. Reach out if you want to collaborate, or talk about rats.

Reach out to me here, email me at or find me @JuliaDelMatto on

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